Whether its corporate events, seminars, meetings or staff parties, I’d love to take care of the photography.

With my flexible and professional approach, I will provide the right pictures for your (business) event. If desired, I will take your marketing and communication goals into account during my photography of your event.

What does event photography exactly mean?
Pictures of a corporate event are a souvenir for you as a client. But also for your guests or visitors of your event. With my photography, I showcase the expertise and qualities of your company. When I photograph your event, the photos can be used by you in many ways. Share the pictures during or after the event on social media. Your visitors can then see the result directly on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Show the photos on your website. Or put the event photos in a nice photo book to send to your customers or guests (please contact me for the possibilities).

My photography style and method
My event reports have a distinctive style. Emotions play the main role in my photography. Whether it’s a guest seriously and concentrated listening to the keynote speaker or the event moderator making great hand gestures with his story to tell. I’m looking for the right light to capture the image. The event will be photographed by me in a storytelling way. That’s what I’m doing all day long. I am always looking for sincere emotions which are perfect to catch in the image.
I always make sure that I am not noticable or noisy during an event. Nevertheless, I am always present at the right time at the right place to make the right picture.

Choose for my photography when:

  • you want a professional image impression of a conference, conference or other business event
  • you are looking for a reliable and professional photographer for a competitive price
  • you want to express a clear and professional image of your business
  • the enthusiasm of your employees and visitors have to be be portrayed.

In order to get a good idea of the company events and other events that I have photographed, take a look at my work for examples of event photography or get in touch with me about the rates.