Pleased to meet you, I’m Merijn. Living in Amsterdam and 35 years of age. For about eight years I am doing photography. During this time, I created my own distinctive style. That style can be best related to people. I love people. Whether it is their nice smile, their gloominess, their peculiarity, their creativity, their emotions. I tend to play with those things in my work. As authentic as possible, I capture what I see through the lens. Whether it’s a happy wedding couple, a stoic street vendor or a business keynote speaker.

It started with street photography. A passion of mine that I still haven’t lost. Nowadays I see pictures in everything. If I am cycling through my city of Amsterdam or traveling far away from home; When I look, I make compositions. Compositions of nature, compositions of architecture and human compositions in their own environment.

So pure and honest, people can be in their daily lives. That strikes me through the lens. By photographing that very often, I have built a certain self-assurance as a photographer. I have learned photographically to deal with people, to guide them, to photograph them as authentically as possible.
I love working with people. To make them shine in front of the lens in their own being. I only direct my subject when required. To me it’s more important that someone feels comfortable in my presence. This automatically creates a relaxed attitude for a photo. That is why my focus is to make sure that someone can be him-or herself.

In my role as a photographer, I am very easy going, transparent and approachable. I always think about the photo assignment. I am also open to all the necessary questions. During photography, you’ll see me being focused, playful and busy.

Feel free to contact me about my photography.