Photoshoots are for those people who just want to have nice pictures of themselves.

What does a photoshoot exactly comprehend?
At a photoshoot, I make pictures of one or more people in an environment of your choice. We think of a location. At the office, in nature or indoors during a party. There is much possible! You may already have an idea of ​​what kind of photos you would like to have. A style you have in mind. Of course, I take that into account. But if you do not know what style you like, I come up with an idea.

For whom is a photoshoot suitable?
For anyone who needs a good picture of him or herself. Or groups like families or colleagues who want to be photographed. Whether it’s a portrait photo or lifestyle photos. It’s about being photographed in the way you need the pictures.

Some examples of a photoshoot are:

  • Photography at your party like a birthday, communion, reception, graduation. The positive energy is already there, I will take care of the pictures! I will come to your party and make sure you keep a beautiful memory by photographing it.
  • Loveshoot: At a loveshoot I make pictures of you as a couple. Maybe because you are engaged, or you are already married but have never made beautiful pictures or just because you love each other very much!
  • Family portrait: A family portrait is always a fun affair. Sometimes only with adults, sometimes with little children or even babies. Either way, I make sure you are smiling. The location is in consultation.

(Business) portrait of you (and your colleagues): You may need an updated photo for your LinkedIn profile. That is really a must! I’ll take the picture for you.

My photography style and method
It’s important that you feel relaxed so I can make the most beautiful natural photos. I make sure you feel comfortable and give tips and tricks about your posing or posture. My photoshoots have a distinctive style. Emotions play the main role in my photography. Whether it’s a smile, tear or other expression.
For a photo shoot I love natural light. You will hardly see me use flash. Natural light also creates a natural picture in my view. It’s up to me that sincere emotions are perfect for me to capture in the image.

Please get in touch with me about the rates for your occasion.