Daphne and Gijs married in Rijswijk. I met the couple directly at the wedding location, where I photographed them when they arrived by red deux chevaux. That was a wonderful arrival where they were welcomed by a large group of family and friends.

Daphne was accompanied by her mother into the wedding room. People clapping surrounded them and that looked very beautiful. The ceremony that followed was nicely set up, with a packed room and everyone listened focussed to the words of the wedding officer. The children of Daphne and Gijs were also present at the ceremony here in Rijswijk. Of course, that provided the necessary photogenic moments. The yes-word was given to each other and the congratulations by the guests followed.

The wedding cake was about to be cut by the wedding couple. That was perhaps the most memorable moment of the day for me as a photographer. I took place behind the wedding cake with the wedding couple in front of me and surrounded by dozens of children! The children could not wait to get a bite of the beautifully decorated cake. You can see that in the pictures. Balloons decorated the room, some speeches were given and there was a toast.

Then I walked with the wedding couple and the family through the estate to make bridal photos there. It is always fun for me as a photographer to figure out how free the couple act towards photography. I made some jokes towards Gijs being a bride model so he shined in front of the lens. I am concerned that the loveshoot, apart from a serious matter, also entails a relaxed and funny atmosphere.

The day ended with beautiful orange-blue skies in Rijswijk. Time for my trip to Amsterdam. Thank you Daphne & Gijs!

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