Such an energetic young couple; Evita & Kaj. Nijmegen was the place where they married. What a beautiful setting. We have taken pictures on the river Waal and in a green park.

The day started at home, where Evita got her makeup in her own familiar environment. That was right in the center of Nijmegen. What a terrific view from their home! You looked right on to the Petrus Canisius church. Back to photography. What a delight to photograph Evita during the makeup. Her blue eyes popped out really good on the picture. Then Evita put on her wedding dress. Now she was waiting waiting for Kaj.

And yes, not much later, the groom was there. It’s always a wonderful surprise when the bride and groom first see each other. The family was there and everyone greeted each other.

It was time to drive to the location to do the loveshoot with the wedding couple. The Valkhofpark was excellent for that. We started with some classic pictures at the beautiful car. Soon, the boat went in and we took a lot of pictures during the park walk. The two had a lot of fun during the loveshoot, as can be seen on the pictures.

On my way to the next photo location, I quickly photographed the car from the car when they crossed the Waal bridge. Arriving on the other side of the Waal, we stopped at a green nature area, close to the wedding venue. I saw a dike which was really a perfect location for long distance photography. See the results below where the wedding couple is relatively small in the picture. Personally, I love that kind of image, it involves a sense of unity with the environment.

It took time for us to go to the wedding venue because the guests had already arrived. The ceremony began. Many friends and family were present to attend the marriage. A fantastic, loving day!

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