On a beautiful spring day in Northoord-Holland, Irma and Piet married in Medemblik. This area is also known as West Friesland. This couple is so happy with each other, which can be seen very well on the pictures. The yes-word was given in the town hall. Then there was a lunch in a private setting with family. There was a good laugh and a beautiful gift was handed over to the wedding couple.

With the whole group we made a walk through a nearby park. There we also took wedding pictures. That did not have to be too official or extensive for Irma and Piet. Thus I made spontaneous and relaxed pictures of them in the area where they both come from. Jokes were made and the atmosphere was very pleasant.
Once again on our way, we passed a colorful Dutch flower field. I decided that was a very nice place to photograph Irma and Piet. That’s what we did, with wedding clothes across the farmer’s land, so we could shoot the unique image.

We continued to the party location. A cozy place in Medemblik. At one point, Irma’s sister decided to sing a song by Claudia de Breij, with her own lyrics. The song was adjusted so it was about Irma and Piet. That caused an emotional tear with Irma. A traditional moment followed: the bridal bouquet flew through the sky. Irma’s daughter catched it with both arms!

The day came to an end after a bunch of cosiness and love in Medemblik.

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