In Amsterdam I met Johanna and Theo. Prior to their wedding, I spoke to them at home. Get acquainted. I always do that before a wedding. In person or by phone. In any case, it is important to review all the wishes for the wedding. The wedding of Johanna and Theo would take place in a beautiful location in Amsterdam. Not far from their own house. It was therefore important to think about the light that was available this day (it would get dark early).

The day started for me as a photographer with Theo, who was being taken care of by the hairdresser. Then I continued to Johanna, who enjoyed a breakfast at the wedding venue in company of her daughters. That was a very relaxed vibrance. Johanna and her daughters went for the makeup and that created beautiful pictures.

Back at Theo, he got dressed and prepared in his own style. That was a very personal photo shoot, I walked around to visualize it.

We went to the wedding venue where Theo would see Johanna. A nice moment to capture.
The wedding ceremony followed where some beautiful words were said by the wedding officer. Then there was a nice toast with friends and family. The couple received a lot of congratulations in a atmospheric setting.

After the toast there was a moment of rest and in the evening there was a dinner for close family and best friends. Many speeches followed with beautiful words. There was a smile and a tear and that gave the evening an emotional and blissful feeling.

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