Author Maurits Koelewijn and I started the Love Campaign in 2015.

With the Love Campaign, we encouraged everyone in the Netherlands to place a selfie on their Facebook page, with the thumb and forefinger making the letter ‘L’ in front of the forehead. Not the ‘L’ of loser but of love. By spreading these selfies we wanted to provide a counterbalance for all reports about war and terrorist threat in the media.

A lot of hearing was given to the call. Shortly after the launch, lots of new social media fans followed and submitted their own selfies. A clear and powerful signal that the Netherlands needed positive energy.

In August 2014 we were already in the news because of a similar Love Campaign. Back then, we asked random people on the streets what love meant for them. The campaign was massively supported by famous Dutch stars like Gordon, Jan Jaap van der Wal, Birgit Schuurman and Henny Huisman. They all sent a selfie on which they formed the letter ‘L’.

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