Portrait photography is about images that are purely about the person. The purpose is to capture the personality or the feel of someone at a certain moment. Classic portraits are often taken of the face. The emphasis will then be on details. But you can also make portraits that show a part of the breast or even the whole body. Those are called a half-portrait.

Before making a portrait, I first make the person or persons to be photographed at ease. We make a chat, talk about what the wishes are and then I explain how I work.
It is so important that we don’t just make a picture, but also have fun as a photographer and portrayed person. I think this creates a good atmosphere. This makes me find the right facial expression of the portrayed person. And that expression is most preferable in the final result.

Often at the start of the photo shoot there is some uncertainty among the portrayed. That is absolutely normal. After all, someone is standing in front of you with a big camera taking photos of you. Do not worry. Take the time to take a relaxed attitude (I give clues where necessary) and before you know you are shining in front of the lens.

I always take enough pictures until I’m sure I got the right shot. In the postworking process, I will never remove too many wrinkles and photoshop everything off. I’d rather work with people who embrace how they are. Wrinkles belong to growing older and are are beautiful asset!

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